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Promoting Cycling Issues

We cycle for many reasons. Some of us cycle for personal satisfaction and pleasure; some for the health and fitness benefits; some for the company of others who share a common interest.  Others perhaps cycle to reduce their personal impact on the environment or even just as a cheap form of transport.

But whatever the reason, it's also good to do something along the way to try and make cycling safer for ourselves and our friends and families; and to encourage others to consider cycling as a possible healthy leisure interest.

As a local Bicycle User Group [BUG] we are more than just a group of people who happen to cycle together. Our group objectives, as stated in our constitution, are:

(1) To foster and encourage non-competitive bicycling as a sport and recreation;

(2) To organize and participate in events involving bicycling;

(3) To promote and advocate bicycling as a sport and recreation.

We are therefore very interested in, for example, what our local Hawkesbury City Council is doing to promote and support cycling. 

This link will endeavour to inform you about cycling issues as we see them through the experiences and observations of our own members and our own efforts to do our bit to promote cycling as a recreational pursuit.