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Victorian Rail Trail 2016

Twelve of our members were able to make it to this year's Victorian Rail Trails: Rob and Jane, Steve and Margaret, Tony and Rae, Sandra and Andrew, Patricia, Michella, Rod and Robert. Most of us stayed at the very centrally located Painters Island Caravan Park at Wangaratta.


We planned on a week's riding from Fri May 6 to Fri May 13 but the weather had other ideas. After months of no rain, this was the week the drought broke!

However, most of us managed three rides: On the Saturday we did the Moyhu loop via Myrree and King Valley with lunch at The Maze. 55km On Sunday we cylled from 'The Wang' to Glenrowan loop via Warby Ranges and the Taminick Gap. 46km On the Wed we joined the local Wangaratta BUG for a ride out to Millawa and back via Greta and Snow Roads. 45km. Due to the weather our planned rides that incorporated the local rail trails had to be abandoned.

The company was as always excellent and besides the rides we enjoyed many shared meals and a bit of sightseeing. The local Wangaratta Bicycle User Group were extremely welcoming and hoped that we might return again soon. Many thanks to Tony for organising another successful Victorian cycle. Here's a few photos of our rides.


 wang2016robgrapes  wang2016michellawet


wang2016jane     wang2016rodglenrowan     wang2016themaze