• Mouth of Hawkesbury River, Umina

  • River Road, Hawkesbury River

  • Fernleigh Track, Newcastle

  • Stanwell Tops, South Coast

  • Wollongong to Nowra

  • Lower Portland Ferry

  • Old Convict Rd, Wiseman's Ferry

  • Prospect Reservoir

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Regular Rides

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Looking for some great rides in the Hawkesbury area? Here are some of our favourites.

Rides Reports

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We feature some reports on our previous rides that our group has particularly enjoyed.

Photo Gallery

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Some photo collections from cycling tours and special events over the past four years.

Our Logo

our logoWindsor Cyclists adopted the Velocipede as our logo several years ago. Windsor has always enjoyed celebrating its past and commemorating its early settlers and how they lived. Antique bicycles have often appeared in town parades and special occasions.


One of the earliest bicycles was the 'velocipede'. First appearing about 1818 in Europe, it soon became very popular. Made entirely of wood, it had no pedals.


It made a very early appearance at Windsor in 1836 when a local townsman, Christopher May, rode a velocipede down the main street of Windsor. This caused such excitement that Lieutenant Bell, the police magistrate, asked him not to appear in public again with his velocipede. ['Macquarie County', D G Bowd, pg 135]


As a local Windsor bicycle group, we felt it was therefore most appropriate to adopt this early drawing of a Velocipede as our logo.